Beyond Binaries: Gender, Sexuality, and Medicine in Postwar Europe

9th-10th June 2023
University of Hamburg, Hamburg

Organised by the Hamburg team with attendance and particpation from all of the Leviathan groups, ‘Beyond Binaries’ hosted scholars from a wide range of institutions to consider gender, sexuality, and medicine in Post-War Europe as part of the ERC ‘Taming the European Leviathan’ project. The conference considered how gender and sexuality – broadly conceived both methodologically and thematically – helps to inform historical understanding of the role of medicine in post-war Europe. It examined the ways that thinking ‘beyond binaries’ in its many forms allows for new perspectives on the role of medicine in post-war European lives.

Upcoming events

ws budapest

leviathan workshop in Budapest

26-27 September 2022
Central European University, Budapest


Visions of Health: Exploring Post-War Medicine and Medical Ethics

10/11 November 2021
Schmidt, Docking, Peace, Farley, Studdert
Hamburg University

Historical Contexts of an Ethical and Legal Analysis of Biomedicine - budapest workshop I.

19 November 2021
Sándor, Varju, Kappanyos, Lászlofi, Horváth, Majtényi, Kovács, Brodeala, Szamosi, Kakuk
Central European University, Budapest


Hybrid Workshop on Taming the European Leviathan

14 September 2021
with UHH Taming the Leviathan Team
Hamburg University